• Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat



Cleaning your makeup brushes will never be a hassle chore anymore with the innovative makeup brush cleaning mat that is made of silicone to wash both your eye and face brushes. It is specially designed with suction cups on its backside to secure its placement on flat surfaces. It fits all sinks and can be used anytime, anywhere. It is great for when you’re travelling and you need to wash your brushes. You can do it in a jiffy without a hint of burden but just pure bliss of a clean and fresh brush afterwards.


The makeup brush cleaning mat has seven different textures in the silicone which gives you various options for your brushes of different sizes. It stays perfectly in place while you clean your brushes and it fits nicely around the drain of a sink. The texture has varied heights which makes it easier to get in between all the bristles, giving your brush a good-as-new look after cleaning. You don’t need to rub your brushes too hard, just brush them along the textures and the mounted makeup will immediately disappear.

- Removes allergens, dust, and natural impurities caused by makeup buildup that could harm your skin.
- Save a lot of money from buying brushes all the time because you get to use them longer by washing them using the makeup brush cleaning mat.
- It can clean all types of brushes, even the smallest and largest ones.
- The makeup brush cleaning mat is made of silica gel that is environmental friendly, non toxic, odorless, and safe for your brushes and skin.
- It has 7 kinds of screw thread design which is suitable for any types of brushes for thorough cleaning even the most used and longest used brush.
- Perfect for travelling as it is durable and easy to carry.
- Eliminates the clumping and streaking of makeup that has been built up in your brushes. Having a fresh brush will make your skin smoother and look more natural.
- Prevents bacteria build up in your brushes.

1. Apply a couple of drops of mild soap or 'no-tear' shampoo to mat.
2. Wet brush with warm water.
3. Gently work brush across textured surfaces.
4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
5. Repeat as necessary & gently dry brush on clean towel.


- 1 x Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat